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' The New England Church takes pleasure in pre- 

I senting you with this manual of its organization and 

k the record of its members. We trust that it will 

serve as a useful directory of its work and of those 

who are its supporters and members. It is hoped 

J that this manual will remind those who are mem- 

' bers, of their solemn and beautiful covenant obli- 

» ' 

J gations; they have promised to maintain its serv- 

^ ices, to further its plans of work, to give very 
• seriously all they can to further the gospel of Christ 
„ through its agencies. It is hoped that those who 
■^ have recently come among us, and those who 
1 have not yet entered upon full membership, will 
find from the perusal of these pages some help to 
know their new home, and we trust some induce- 
ment later to the further step of becoming mem- 
_. bers. 

■^ Will you not co-operate in making this church 

^ all that it ought to be? 


During the year 1852 the opening for a Congre- 
gational church on the North side approved itself 
to a few brethren. The Eev. John C. Holbrook, 
then editor of the Congregational Herald, was 
invited to preside over the movement. Sabbath 
afternoon services were held in the North Market 
Hall and weekly prayer meetings in private houses. 
The New England Church was recognized by a 
council of Congregational Churches on June 15, 
1853, with a membership of twenty-one. The pulpit 
was supplied by Mr. Holbrook till the close of 
1855, when he was succeeded by Rev. Charles P. 
Bush, who with much acceptance administered to 
the church till the accession to the pastorate on 
April 15, 1857, of Rev. Samuel C. Bartlett, of Man- 
chester, N. H. For three years he fulfilled the 
duties of the office till called to the Professorship 
of Biblical Literature in the Chicago Theological 
Seminary. He was succeeded by Rev. Samuel Wol- 
cott, D. D., of Providence, R. I., who was installed 
on September 27, 1859, and was followed on October 
1, 1862, by Rev. Starr H. Nichols of Danbury, Conn. 
In 1865 Mr. Nichols accepted a call to Cincinnati, 
and in November of the same year Rev. John P. 
Gulliver accepted the call of the church. 

The new house of worship was completed, and 
dedicated on February 7, 1867. The membership 
had now increased- to over 200. Dr. Gulliver, after 
a three years' pastorate, accepted a pressing call 
to the Presidency of Knox College, and after a 
transient supply of nearly a year, principally by 


During the year 1852 the opening for a Congre- 
gational church on the North side approved itself 
to a few brethren. The Eev. John C. Holbrook, 
then editor of the Congregational Herald, was 
invited to preside over the movement. Sabbath 
afternoon services were held in the North Market 
Hall and weekly prayer meetings in private houses. 
The New England Church was recognized by a 
council of Congregational Churches on June 15, 
1853, with a membership of twenty-one. The pulpit 
was supplied by Mr. Holbrook till the close of 
1855, when he was succeeded by Rev. Charles P. 
Bush, who with much acceptance administered to 
the church till the accession to the pastorate on 
April 15, 1857, of Rev. Samuel C. Bartlett, of Man- 
chester, N. H. For three years he fulfilled the 
duties of the office till called to the Professorship 
of Biblical Literature in the Chicago Theological 
Seminary. He was succeeded by Rev. Samuel Wol- 
cott, D. D., of Providence, R. I., who was installed 
on September 27, 1859, and was followed on October 
1, 1862, by Rev. Starr H. Nichols of Danbury, Conn. 
In 1865 Mr. Nichols accepted a call to Cincinnati, 
and in November of the same year Rev. John P. 
Gulliver accepted the call of the church. 

The new house of worship was completed, and 
dedicated on February 7, 1867. The membership 
had now increased- to over 200. Dr. Gulliver, after 
a three years' pastorate, accepted a pressing call 
to the Presidency of Knox College, and after a. 
transient supply of nearly a year, principally by 

Rev. S. Hopkins Emery, the pastorate was filled by 
Rev. Leander T. Chamberlain of Andover Theologi- 
cal Seminary, who remained with the church about 
eight years, during which time the church building 
was destroyed by fire and rebuilt. He was succeeded 
by Rev. Arthur Little, D. D., of Fond du Lac, Wis., 
who after a pastorate of ten years, was succeeded 
by Rev. James Gibson Johnson, D. D. of Norwich, 
Conn., who resigned in May, 1897. In April, 1898, 
Rev. William Douglas Mackenzie, D. D., began min- 
istering to the church, aided after September of 
that yeai by Rev. Horace Leslie Strain, who was 
succeeded in June, 1901, as associate pastor by Rev. 
Benjamin S. Winchester. On January 1, 1904, Dr. 
Mackenzie and Mr. Winchester both accepted other 
calls to service and were succeeded in the fall of 
1905 by Rev. Horace B. Williams who remained 
with us as pastor until the Sprng of 1907. 

At present the church is ministered to by Rev. 
Percival F. Marston, D. D., who began his service 
here in December, 1907, and under whose guidance 
the church has broadened its work in an endeavor to 
meet the various needs of the part of the city in 
which it is located. 


The New England Church was organized after the 
form called "Congregational," and still continues 
in that polity. It believes that each association of 
Christians — united for the worship of Almighty God, 
in the faith of His Son Jesus Christ, and observing 
the sacraments and ordinances of the Gospel — is a 
complete Church. It acknowledges the right of no 
human authority to dictate its doctrines, its order, 
or its mode of worship; but holds itself strictly 
responsible to its sole head, the Lord Jesus, for all its 
acts and arrangements. It assumes the Holy Scrip- 
ture to be the true guide of church order and dis- 
cipline, and derives from its pages the plainest in- 
structions to elect its own ofl&eers; to receive, dis- 
miss, or discipline its members, and to administer 
its own government, in all essentials as a democracy 
of faith. With this assertion of the duty of self- 
government, however, it combines the hearty ap- 
proval of such relations to other churches as tend 
to promote Christian union, and to insure confidence 
in each other 's purity. It recognizes the advantages 
of councils with neighboring churches in affairs of 
importance or of difficulty, gladly seeking and giving 
advice in all serious matters. 

It most earnestly urges upon the attention of be- 
lievers that this is the true scriptural form of church 
organization; the earliest, simplest and best polity. 
And it further d3clares that it seems to be the only 
form in which all churches and all Christian people 
can meet in the full enjoyment of that equal fellow- 
ship which is the right and the duty of all believers, 

according to the Scripture. In this form it sees no 
separating customs and no unscriptural tests. 

The essential officers of the Church are two-fold: 
Pastors, corresponding to the bishops and elders of 
Holy Writ, and Deacons; neither of these having any- 
individual authority to decide questions of govern- 
ment or of discipline; nor have any committees 
power to commit the Church to any movement with- 
out the concurrent vote of the general brotherhood; 
but all things are to be done decently and in order, 
as shall seem good to the majority of the brethren. 

And here, also, as worthy of consideration, we 
would call to mind that this church polity is of 
one and the same character with that republican 
form of government so wisely adopted by our fore- 
fathers for the whole country, and is therefore pe- 
culiarly fitted to infuse the spirit and to sustain 
the principles by which alone our institutions have 
been and can be supported. And with this opinion 
we think the past history of the Congregational 
Churches in our land concurs. 

But, while holding its own form to be the true 
one, this Church would never forget the dictates 
of Christian charity, and accordingly recognizes the 
fellowship of faith by which it is bound to all 
bodies and communions who hold ihe doctrine of 
our Lord Jesus Christ in purity and in love; it 
recognizes the duty of joining with them, from 
time to time, in worship, or in counsel, remembering 
that all are one body in Christ, who is Lord over 
all, to the glory of G-od the Father. 


[The following is the form in which those uniting 
with this Church make Confession of their Faith in 
Christ at the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. The 
Candidates occupy the front seats for the Com- 
munion Service. The Minister reads:] 

Jesus saith, 

"Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy- 
laden, and I will give you rest; take My yoke upon 
you, and learn of Me; for I am meek and lowly in 
heart; and ye shall find rest unto your souls; for My 
yoke is easy, and My burden is light." 

"And the Spirit and the Bride say. Come; and 
let him that heareth say, Come; and let him that is 
athirst, come; and whosoever will, let him take the 
water of life freely." 

[Here the Candidates for membership on confes- 
sion will rise.] 

Dearly Beloved: 

You are here before God and many witnesses to 
confess the Lord Jesus Christ. We trust that you 
appreciate the solemnity and the blessedness of this 
confession, and that He which hath begun a good 
work in you, will perform it until the day of Jesus 


L We believe in one God; eternal, unchangeable, 
invisible, infinite in power, wisdom, holiness and 

love. He exists in three persons; tlie Father, the 
Son, and the Holy Ghost. He made all things by 
the word of His power, and governs them by the 
counsel of His will. 

II. We believe the Scriptures of the Old and 
New Testaments to be inspired of God; to contain 
a revelation of His will, and to be the authori- 
tative rule of faith and practice. 

III. We believe that God was manifest in the 
flesh, in the person of His Son Jesus Christ, who 
dwelt upon the earth and by His sufferings and 
death, offered a perfect sacrifice for sin, reconciling 
the world unto God; that He rose from the dead, 
and evermore liveth at the right hand of the 

IV. We believe that our first parents fell from 
a state of holiness by disobedience, and that all 
their posterity are not only prone to evil but do 
actually sin and become guilty before God. 

V. We believe that salvation from sin, wifh 
eternal life, are truly offered to all men in Jesus 
Christ; and that all who heartily repent of sin and 
believe in Him are regenerated by the Holy Spirit, 
and saved by His grace. 

VI. We believe that God hath chosen his people 
from the beginning in his Son, and that they are 
kept through sanctification of the Spirit, unto sal- 

VII. We believe that the Christian Sabbath is 
of permanent obligation; that God's moral law is 
forever binding as a rule of duty, and that all 
should strive to honor and keep them. 

VIII. We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is 
the head of a visible Church in this world, to which 


it is the right and duty of all believers to unite 
themselves; that He hath appointed the Sacraments 
of Baptism and the Lord's Supper to be observed 
by His Church to the end of the world. 

IX. We believe in the resurrection of the dead; 
and in a final judgment, from which the wicked 
shall go away into everlasting punishment, but the 
righteous into life eternal. 


[The Pastor will first address those who have 
been baptised in infancy, as follows:] 

You,, who were dedicated to God in your child- 
hood in the ordinance of Infant Baptism, by your 
believing parents, do hereby declare your personal 
acceptance of the same, and your belief that the 
regeneration hereby signified has been wrought 
within your soul by the Holy Spirit. 

[Then to the others the Pastor will say:] 

You, who trust that your hearts have been re- 
newed by the Holy Spirit, but who have never re- 
ceived the outward seal of the covenant, will now, 
upon this profession of your faith, present your- 
selves for the ordinance of Baptism. 

[When Baptism has been administered, the Pastor 
will say:] 

Attend now to the Covenant into which you 
are to enter with God and His Church. 


You, now, in the presence of God, angels and men, 
do acknowledge the Lord Jehovah to be your God. 
You confess the Father to be your Father; the Son 
to be your Savior; the Holy Ghost to be your 

You take God's Word to be the guide of your 
life; and, renouncing the dominion of this world, 
you consecrate both soul and body unto the service 
of God, promising, by His help, to keep your conse- 
cration unto the end. 

[Those uniting by Letter will here rise.] 

You, who, in the fellowship of the saints, have 
come to us from other Churches of our Lord, do 
covenant with this Church to join in its ordinances 
and public worship; to submit to its rules and disci- 
pline; to strive for its purity and peace. 

You will walk with its members in love and 
faithfulness, as long as you shall continue among 

Thus you covenant. 

[The Church will here rise.] 

We, then, the members of this Church of Christ, 
do joyfully receive you. We welcome you to our 
communion and fellowship. We promise to you our 
sympathies, our watchfulness, our prayers. We 
greet you as members with us of the spiritual body 
of Christ. We unite with you in the acknowledg- 
ment of one Lord, one faith, one baptism. And 
may God enable us all to be true to each other, and 


to the brotherhood and the charity of the saints, 
and to Himself forever. 

Beloved, the Lord bless you! the Lord keep you! 
the Lord lift the light of His countenance upon 
you, and give you peace! Amen, 

In token of our confidence and sympathy, and 
as a pledge of our brotherly kindness and love, 
take the hand of welcome, and remember the words 
of the Lord Jesus, how he said: 

[Here the minister shall take each new member 
by the hand in turn, repeating to each some appro- 
priate saying of Christ.] 



Name and Church Action 

1. The corporate name of this Church shall be 

2. All officers and committees shall be chosen, 
and, with the exceptions specified in Article VIII, 
all questions shall be decided by vote of the ma- 
jority of members present. 

Officers, Board of Trustees, Council and Committees 

1. In accordance with New Testament examples, 
the Officers of the Church shall be one or more 
Pastors and Deacons. There shall also be chosen, by 
ballot, at the annual Church meeting, Trustees, a 
Clerk, a Treasurer for Home Expenses and a Treas- 


urer for Benevolences, and for each Sabbath School 
connected with the Church, a committee, which, 
with the teachers, shall select the officers of the 
School, and have the general direction of its affairs. 
The Sabbath School Superintendents shall be elect- 
ed by the Church, on nomination of the teachers of 
the respective Schools. 

2. The Deacons shall be chosen by ballot, at 
some meeting previously designated by vote of the 
Church, of which notice shall be given from the 
pulpit on the preceding Sabbath. Their duties shall 
be to serve the Lord's Table, to carry out, in co- 
operation with the Pastors, the provisions of Article 
III entitled ' ' Discipline, ' ' to relieve the poor and 
sick members of the Church, so far as the Church 
funds allow, and to perform all the ordinary duties 
of such officers. 

3. There shall be elected a Board, consisting of 
five Trustees, who shall have the care, custody and 
control of the real and personal property of the 
Church, subject to the direction of the Church. 

They shall elect one of their number President. 
The Treasurer for Home Expenses shall be ex of- 
ficio Clerk of the Board of Trustees and shall keep 
minutes of their meetings. 

It shall be their duty to inform the Church 
Council from time to time, and especially at the 
beginning of the year, of all expenditures in con- 
nection with the property of the Church. 

Five members shall be elected Trustees at the 
meeting at which the Church may resolve to incor- 
porate, two to serve until the annual meeting in 
January, 1902, and three to serve until the next an- 
nual meeting thereafter. Members to replace the 

out-going class shall be elected at each annual meet- 

4. The Clerk shall record the proceedings of the 
Church, and furnish certified copies of his record 
when required. He shall keep a file of its public 
Y)ai)ers, and a list of its members, with the time 
of their admission, dismission or death, and a rec- 
ord of the baptisms. He shall also issue certifi- 
cates of dismission and recommendation granted 
by the Church, or this duty may be performed 
by one of the Pastors. 

5. The Treasurer for Home Expenses shall re- 
ceive the income of the Church contributed for 
Church expenses and shall disburse the same under 
the direction of the Church. 

6. The Treasurer for Benevolences shall receive 
the various contributions of the Church and con- 
gregation for benevolences and shall disburse them 
under the direction of the Church, and shall have 
the care of the Pastoral Library. 

7. There shall be a Church Council, consisting 
of the Pastors, Deacons, Trustees, Clerk, Treas- 
urers, Superintendent of the home Sabbath School, 
and sucb other persons as may from time to time be 
determined by vote of the Church. 

The Council shall have general supervision of the 
entire interests and work of the Church. It shall 
nominate to the Church the following Committees, 
namely: a Finance Committee, a Committee on 
Membership, a Committee on Denominational Inter- 
ests and Home Missions, and a Committee on Foreign 
Missions. It may in addition nominate any other 
Committee, as it may see fit, for special work or 
special occasions not herein provided for. 

Members of these Committees may be elected at 
the business meeting at which the nominations 
of the Church Council are presented or at any- 
other business meeting. Any members of the Church 
not members of the Church Council may be elected 
to serve on these Committees with full voting 
powers. The Pastors shall be ex ofiS.ciis members of 
all Committees, The Committees shall report to 
the Council or to the Church as occasion may re- 

The Council shall have its regular meetings on 
the Friday following the second Sunday in every 
month excepting July and August, Any one of these 
dates may be altered by the Council or by one of 
the Pastors and the Clerk. Pull notice of such 
meetings shall be given in the Church Calendar and 
from the pulpit on the Sabbath preceding the meet- 

8, The constitution and duties of the Committees 
nominated by the Church Council shall be as fol- 

The Finance Committee shall consist of five mem- 
bers, one of whom shall be the Treasurer for Home 
Expenses, This Committee shall have charge of the 
finances relating to the running expenses of the 
Church. It shall present to the Church Council at 
its December meeting a budget of estimated ex- 
penses for the following year and a plan for raising 
funds for the same. It shall report to each meeting 
of the Church Council the condition of the finances 
at that date. 

The Committee on Denominational Interests and 
Home Missions shall consist of five members, the 
Clerk and the Treasurer for Benevolences and three 


others. This Committee shall have charge of all 
matters pertaining to the relations of the Church 
with other Congregational Churches. It shall also 
undertake such measures as it may deem best to 
promote interest in the recognized home missionary 
societies of the denomination and to secure contri- 
butions for them. 

The Committee on Membership shall consist of 
the Deacons, the Clerk of the Church and three 
ladies. This Committee shall have charge of the 
spiritual condition of the Church. It shall consider 
all applications for membership or dismission and 
report thereon. 

The Committee on Foreign Missions shall consist 
of five members, one of whom shall be the Treasurer 
for Benevolences. This Committee shall undertake 
such measures as it may deem best to promote 
interest in the organized foreign mission work 
of the denomination and to secure contributions for 
the same. It shall also have charge of any par- 
ticular undertaking of the Church with reference 
to the work of foreign missions. 

9. There shall be elected annually an Auditing 
Com'mittee of two, whose duty it shall be to ex- 
amine the Clerk's records and the accounts of the 
Treasurers and report to the Church. 

10. A vacancy in any office provided for in this 
Article may be filled, until the next annual meet- 
ing thereafter, at any business meeting of the 

1. The Church censures shall be admonition, sus- 
pension, withdrawal of fellowship, and excommuni- 

cation. Excommunication shall be announced from 
the pulpit. 

2. The rule of discipline shall be, except in 
eases of open and flagrant immorality demanding 
immediate action, that laid down by our Savior in 
the eighteenth chapter of Matthew (15-17 verses), 
viz.: first, private labor by an individual; if this is 
unsuccessful, then by one or two more; and this 
failing, the case shall be laid before the Church. 

3. In cases of discipline, one week's notice shall 
be given to the Church, ordinarily, before final 
action; and the subject thereof shall be notified 
of the time, and have the right to be heard before 
the Church, personally or by proxy; said proxy 
being a professor of religion. 

Reception of Members 

1. Persons desiring to unite with this Church on 
profession of faith, may signify their desire to one 
of the Pastors or one of the Deacons. They shall 
be examined as to their Christian experience by 
the Committee appointed for that purpose. The 
examinations being sustained, they will be pro- 
pounded from the pulpit one week previous to re- 
ception. The names of such candidates shall be 
reported to the Church on the Wednesday evening 
preceding communion when they may be received 
into the Church by vote, which vote shall take 
effect upon their publicly assenting to the Articles, 
receiving baptism, if not previously baptized, and 
entering into covenant with the Church. 

2. Members of other evangelical Churches apply- 


ing for admission by letter, and assenting to our 
Articles, may be received by vote of the Church, 
on publicly entering into covenant. But, unless 
ordered otherwise, their letters shall be read to the 
Church at least one week previous to its action 
upon them, 


Dismission of Members 

1, It is expected that members, on removing, will 
ask letters of dismission and recommendation. In 
case of delay longer than one year, it shall be the 
business of the Clerk to remind them of their 

2. Applications for letters of dismission should 
specify the particular Church which the member 
wishes to join, and that Church shall be notified 
of the fact by the Clerk. The request shall, ordi- 
narily, be laid before the Church one week be- 
fore final action. 

Meetings and Ordinances 

1. The Annual Meeting shall be held on the first 
Wednesday after the fourth day of January. The 
following reports shall then be considered: From 
the Treasurer for Home Expenses a report of all 
funds by him received and disbursed; from the 
Church Council a report of the budget for the 
following year and a plan for raising funds for 
the same; from the Treasurer for Benevolences a 
report of all funds by him received and disbursed, 
accompanied with a statement of such other benevo- 


lent contributions from members of the congrega- 
tion as may come to his knowledge, though not 
passing through his hands, and also a report as to 
the condition of the Pastoral Library; from the 
Clerk a report of the names of those constituted 
life members or life directors of benevolent societies 
through the contributions of the Church, during the 
year, with a report of the items embraced in the 
annual report to the General Association; from the 
Deacons a report of the state and progress of re- 
ligion in the Church and congregation, taking no- 
tice of the additions to the Church, dismissions 
from it, and cases of permanent absence without 
dismission, and including whatever stands related to 
the outward prosperity and spiritual welfare of the 
Church; from the Managers of the Sabbath Schools, 
through the Superintendents, a report of the opera- 
tion and success of the Sabbath Schools. 

2. The Lord's Supper shall be celebrated on the 
first Sabbath in January, March, May and Novem- 
ber and the third Sabbath in June and September, 
and a preparatory lecture shall be given on the 
Wednesday eA^ening next preceding each such cele- 

3. Invitation shall be given to parents to present 
their children for baptism, particularly on the Sab- 
bath succeeding the Communion, or the ordinance 
may be administered at other times. Each child 
baptized in the Church, and remaining with it, 
shall be presented with a Bible when reaching the 
age of seven years. 

4. There shall be a regular weekly religious 
meeting, on Wednesday evening, which it shall be 
considered the duty of all members to attend. 


5. The monthly concert of prayer for missions 
shall be held on the Wednesday evening succeeding 
the first Sunday in each month, and a contribution 
solicited for missionary purposes. 

6. Business may be transacted at the religious 
meeting held on the Wednesday evening after the 
third Sabbath of each month or at any meeting 
specially called for the purpose by the Church 
Council or one of the Pastors or fixed by the 
Church. No business except the granting of let- 
ters of dismission and the appointment of delegates 
to Councils, shall be transacted at any other time. 

Notice of any special meeting, stating the purpose 
for which it is called, must have been given and 
notice of regular meetings shall be given on the 
previous Sabbath from the pulpit or in the Calendar. 

At all meetings for business one of the Pastors 
shall preside, or in their absence one of the Deacons, 
unless the Church should designate some other 
member for the purpose. 



1. Funds to pay home expenses shall be raised 
from among members and pew holders and their 
families in such ways as the Church may from 
time to time provide. 

2. There shall be a contribution taken up at 
the celebration of the Lord's Supper, the avails of 
which shall be applied, first, to defraying the ex- 
penses of the Lord's Table; secondly, to the relief 
of poor or sick members; thirdly, to the purchase 
of Bibles for the baptized children, or to such 


other purposes as the Church may direct, when not 
needed for those purposes. 

3. Contributions shall be solicited in the congre- 
gation for the leading benevolences, according to 
a schedule adopted by the Church from time to 


1. These rules may be amended by vote of two- 
thirds of the members present at any meeting at 
which business can be transacted, provided that 
public notice of such amendment shall have been 
given in writing at the previous regular business 
meeting, and announced from the pulpit on the 
previous Sabbath. 

2. No change shall be made in the Articles of 
Faith or Covenant, except by a vote of three- 
fourths of the members present at a meeting of 
the Church, of which notice shall have been given 
from the pulpit on the two Sabbaths next preceding 
such meeting; nor shall any change be considered 
unless a notice containing its substance shall have 
been given in writing at a previous meeting. 



1. In case of difficulty in the Church which can- 
not be otherwise adjusted, or between Pastor and 
Church; or when a member shall feel aggrieved 
by the action of the Church; also, in the settlement 
and dismission of a Pastor, resort shall be had to 
advisory councils, according to the approved usage 
of Congregational Churches. 



By-laws and regulations to carry out the provi- 
sions and principles of these standing rules may be 
enacted at any business meeting. 

Aprn 18, 1906 


The Deacons of New England Church shall be six 
in number, of whom not less than two shall hold 
office for life. The first two vacancies which shall 
exist after the adoption of this by-law shall be 
filled by the election of two Deacons for the term 
of four years from the last annual meeting of 
the Church, January 10, 1906. Thereafter the 
next two vacancies that may occur shall be filled by 
the election of Deacons for such length of term as 
will expire at an interval of two years from the 
end of the terms of the two Deacons first elected for 
four years, as hereinbefore provided; it being the 
intention of this by-law to provide, as soon as 
practicable, for a Board of six Deacons, of whom 
not less than two shall hold office for life, and not 
more than four shall hold office for the term of 
four years, and that the terms of office of these 
four last mentioned shall be so arranged that two 
of them will expire with the annual meeting of the 
Church at intervals of each two years. 

Above Kules and By-Laws in force March 1, 1911. 



Eev. Percival F. Marston, D. D. 


Miss Mary E. Carlisle 


E. W. Blatchford John T. Dale 

William Dickinson Howard D. Berrett 


Gen. Joseph B. Leake Henry W. Eogers 
Victor F. Lawson Charles H. Hulburd 

Harry R. Hurlbut 


Rev. Percival F. Marston, D. D. 

E. W. Blatchford Henry W. Rogers 

William Dickinson Charles H. Hulburd 

John T. Dale Harry R. Hurlbut 

Howard D. Berrett William R. Dickinson 

Gen. Joseph B. Leake Emmons J. Alden 

Victor F, Lawson Harry J. Dunbaugh 


William R. Dickinson 


Harry E. Hurlbut 


Emmons J. Alden 


Denominational Interests and Home Missions 

Dr. Simeon Gilbert, 
Howard D. Berrett, 
Miss Ethel Jennings, 
Mrs. Emily P, Maxwell. 

Foreign Missions 

Miss Anna M. Bradley, 
Miss Daisy Parkin, 
William S. Eawlings, 
Harry J. Dunbaugh, 


Victor F. Lawson, 
John P. "Wilson, 
Charles H. Hulburd. 


Howard D. Berrett, 
Vail E. Bucklin, 
Lewis T. Hall, 
Theodore Butler. 



Victor F. Lawson, 
Sherman R. Hurlbut, 
Alfred R Hall. 


Mrs. Charles E, Vroman, 
Mrs. Semantha E. Bueklin, 
Miss Anna Marion Bradley 


Harry J. Dunbaugh, 
William Dickinson. 

Bible School 

Harry J. Dunbaugh Superintendent 

Victor W. Nelson Assistant Superintendent 

Edward P. Storrs Secretary and Treasurer 

Theodore H. Butler Librarian 

Miss Frances M. Blatchford 

Teacher of Friday Bible Class 

Bible School Advisory Committee 

William Dickinson Miss Mary P. Green 

Mrs. Charles E. Vroman Miss Martha Wilson 
John H. Roseboom. 

Ladies' Aid Society 

Mts. Henry E. Hamilton President Emeritus 

Miss Ellen Rogers President 

Mrs. Fred P. Foster Vice-President 

Mrs. Lucian P. Cheney Secretary 

Mrs. Charles I. Kagey Treasurer 

Women's Missionary Society 

Mrs. Charles E. Vroman President 

Miss Mary P. Green Vice-President 

Mrs. Thomas J. Dee Secretary 

Miss Carrie I. Oakley Treasurer 

Mrs. Emma J. Dunbaugh Auditor 

Christian Endeavor Society 

Howard D. Berrett President 

Miss Mary J. McCain Vice-President 

Miss Wilhelmina Fischer Rec. Secretary 

Miss Mary E. Carlisle Cor. Secretary 

"William S. Bawlings Treasurer 

Mrs. Forrest A. Reed Organist 

Organist and Director of Music 
Eric DeLamarter. 

Instructor of Music 

Miss Ethel Grow. 


(This list contains also the names of members of 
the congregation, pew holders and of persons con- 
nected with the various organizations in the Church, 
The figures after names indicate year of uniting 
with the Church. Those marked by a star are not 
members of the Church.) 

*Abel, Mrs. Ada (J. T.) 53 W. Superior St. 

y Alden, Emmons J. (1889) 820 Cass St. 

Alden, Miss Mary F. (1886) 820 Cass St. 

Alden, Miss Helen M. (1886) 820 Cass St. 

*Almanoflfsky, Ignace 1845 Lincoln Ave. 

*Anderson, Miss Margaret 236 W. Schiller St. 

Baird, Mrs. Elizabeth Mather (Lyman) (1906) . . . 

1555 N. Clark St. 

Baird, Max (1906) 666 Irving Park Blvd. 

Baldwin, Eobert Sogers (1892). 817 Dearborn Ave. 

Beam, Miss Sarah Ella (1910) 128 Locust St. 

*Becklenberg, Herman J 1345 La Salle Ave. 

*Becklenberg, Mrs. Herman J. . . .1345 La Salle Ave. 

7- Berrett, Howard D. (1909) 233 E. Huron St. 

*Berry, Mrs. Dora A 1752 Sedgewick St. 

Black, Edmund Duff (1905) 42 E. Walton PI. 

Black, Mrs. Emma Hacker (Edmund D.) (1905).. 

42 E. Walton PI. 

Black, Miss E. Hazel (1905) 42 E. Walton PI. 

Black, Miss Edythe Duff (1905) . .42 E. Walton PI. 
Blatchford, Eliphalet W. (1856). 1111 La Salle Ave. 
Blatchford, Mrs. Mary Emily (Eliphalet W.) 
(1859) 1111 La Salle Ave. 


Blatehford, Miss Frances May (1877) 

1111 La Salle Ave. 

Blatehford, Edward Williams (1903) 

1111 La Salle Ave. 

Bradley, Miss Anna Marion (1868) . .122 W. Oak St. 

*Brant, Cyril M 206 E. Ontario St. 

Bryson, Miss Mary (1892) 820 Cass St. 

Bucklin, Mrs. Semantba Elizabeth (1905) 

1018 N. State St. 

Bucklin, Albert Grenville (1910). .1018 N. State St. 
Bucklin, Miss Mary Durfee (1905) 

1018 N. State St. 

Bucklin, Miss Jennie Elizabeth (1908 

1018 N. State St. 

Bucklin, Vail Rhodes (1903) 1205 La Salle Ave, 

*Bucklin, Mrs. Imogene Pearl White (Vail R.) 

1205 La Salle Ave. 

Buford, Mrs. Ada Mary (Coleman G.) (1896) . . 

240 E. Huron St. 

Butler, Mrs. Theodore Hunt (1886) 

8 ^.-P. :Cfyi^. '.^^V^'l^. 74-V¥aslii»gt<m «. 

Butler, Theodore Hall (1906) . . .'H-Wa;^tngtOff~Pl. 
Carlisle, Miss Mary Elizabeth (1909) 

1148 La Salle Ave. 

Carpenter, Clinton Bartlett (1882) 

57 W. Chestnut St. 

Carpenter, Mrs. Elena Cirila (Clinton B.) 

(1882) 57 W. Chestnut St. 

Carpenter, Clinton Arthur (1899) 

57 W. Chestnut St. 

*Carter, Miss Mary 752 Dearborn Ave. 

Charles, Albert N. (1903) 57 E. Elm St. 

Cheney, Mrs. Marion Louise (Lucian P.) (1892) 

1224 Dearborn Ave. 

*Cliflf, Mrs. Eva (August W.) 923 Greenwood Ter. 

*Cochran, Mrs 650 Fullerton Ave. 

Corby, Mrs. Lillian Foreman (Ralph B.) (1899) 

948 Windsor Ave. 

*Corlette, Dr. Thomas G 1035 Rush St. 

*Corlette, Mrs. Janet M. (Thomas G.).1035 Rush St. 
Cougle, Mrs. Mary E. Stocker (John H.) (1909) 

62 W. Oak St. 

*Cox, Stanley R 1843 Washington Blvd. 

♦Cramer, Mrs. Emma 60 E. Oak St. 

Crook, Harold Richard (1909) . . .4240 Indiana Ave. 

Crossley, John (1867) 1958 Clybourne Ave. 

Cuffey, William Henry (1910).. 948 Jackson Blvd. 

*Cuffey, Mrs. (William H.) 948 Jackson Blvd. 

Curie, William James (1910) 1116 N. State St. 

*Curtis, Frank L 1003 La Salle Ave. 

*Curtis, Mrs. Ethel (Frank L.) . . .1003 La Salle Ave. 

Dale, John Thomas (1910) 1223 Dearborn Ave. 

Dauchy, Samuel O, (1882) 712 Lincoln Parkway 

*Dee, Thomas J <i&*4' Dearborn Ave. 

Dee, Mrs. Flora Bierce (Thomas J.) (1900) 

. JX'^7: h^^.il^.St:\ l<Si4>-IleaFbori^Ave. 

*De Lamarter, Eric 17 Elaine PI. 

*De Lamarter, Mrs. Ruby Wilson (Eric) . 17 Elaine PI. 

Dickinson, William (1873) 1544 N. State St. 

Dickinson, William Reynolds (1900) 

179 E. Chestnut St. 

*Dickinson, Mrs. Anna Wilson (William R.) .... 

179 E. Chestnut St 

Dickinson, Francis Reynolds (1894 

179 E. Chestnut St. 

♦Dickinson, Mrs. Alice May (Francis R.) . . . . 

179 E. Chestnut St. 

Dixon, Mrs. Mary (1906) 337 Loomis St. 

Dobyns, Tletcher (1907) 609 Eush St. 

Downs, Dr. George Almond (1909) 

535 Lincoln Park Blvd. 

Downs, Mrs. Jessie Ethel (George A.) (1909) . . 

535 Lincoln Park Blvd. 

*Drummond, Edward A Auditorium Hotel 

Dunbaugh, Mrs. Emma Joy (1905) 

1205 La Salle Ave. 

Dunbaugh, Harry Joy (1904).. 1205 La Salle Ave. 
Edwards, Mrs. Adela S. Morey (William H.) 

(1889) 64 E. Walton PI. 

*Egan, Mrs. Mary Philip (Wiley M.) 

1224 Dearborn Ave. 

*Egan, Miss Elizabeth 1224 Dearborn Ave. 

Elgin, John Wells (1899) 43 E. Oak St. 

Elgin, Mrs. Mary Smith (John W.) (1899) 

43 E. Oak St. 

Ellis, James Daniel (1910) .2200 N. Sacramento Ave. 
Ellis, Mrs. Helen Myers (James D.) (1910)... 

2200 N. Sacramento Ave. 

Ewing, Crawford G. (1894) 1325 La Salle Ave. 

Field, Arthur Carpenter (1886) . .838 Dearborn Ave. 

*Field, George Walter 838 Dearborn Ave. 

*Fife, Mrs. Frances (George N.) . .64 W. Chestnut St. 

Fischer, Miss Wilhelmina M. (1910) 

2306 N. Clark St. 

Fischer, Miss Margaret (1910). . .2306 N. Clark St. 

Fiske, Dr. David (1S96) 1002 Dearborn Ave. 

*Fiske, Mrs. Mary (David) 1002 Dearborn Ave. 

Flavelle, Mrs. Mary E. (1874). .5647 Madison Ave. 

Forseman, Mrs 911 Rush St. 

*Foster, Dr. Fred Piatt 851 La Salle Ave. 

Foster, Mrs. Addie Marie (Fred P.) (1908).. 

*Foster, Dr. Allen Adams 851 La Salle Ave. 

Foster, Miss Verna Lovina (1908) .851 La Salle Ave. 
Foster, Frederick Heath (1908). .851 La Salle Ave. 

*Freeman, Miss J. Mary 1500 Lake Shore Drive 

*Furbush, Elmer Gray 3925 Lincoln Ave. 

*Furtenbaugh, Mrs. Myrtle Matilda (Frank E.) 

1115 N. Franklin St. 

*Garrett, Miss Jennie Passavant Hospital 

Gee, Miss Anna Brueve (1877) . .1522 La Salle Ave. 

Gilbert, Lyman J. (1905) 159 E. Chicago Ave. 

Gilbert, D. D., Rev. Simeon (1889) .1243 N. State St. 
Gilbert, Mrs. Celia Culver (Simeon) (1889).. 

1243 N. State St. 

Gilbert, Miss Clara Culver (1889) .1243 N. State St. 

Green, Mrs. Oliver B. (1864) 1149 La Salle Ave. 

Green, Miss Mary Pomeroy (1875) 

1149 La Salle Ave. 

*Grow, Miss Ethel 66 W. Oak St. 

*Hahn, Fred 3010 Warren Ave. 

Hall, Dr. Alfred Marvin (1881)... 47 Bellevue PI. 
Hall, Mrs. Elise Marie (Alfred M.) (1899)... 

47 Bellevue PI. 

Hall, Mrs. Emily Baldwin (1886) 

71 Washington PI 

*Hall, Dr. Junius Merwin 71 Washington PI. 

*Hall, Mrs. Junius M . .71 Washington PL 

*Hall, Lewis Taylor 11 W. Walton 

*Hall, Mrs. Harriet Wright (Lewis T.) 

11 W. Walton PI. 

Hall, Miss Margaret Wright (1907) 

11 W. Walton PI. 

Hall, Gordon Robert (1905) 11 W. Walton PI. 

*Hamilton, Henry E 817 Dearborn Ave. 

Hamilton, Mrs. Caroline L. (Henry E.) (1870) 

817 Dearborn Ave. 

Hamilton, Mrs. Charlotte Agusta (E. J. C.) 

(1883) 1004 Sedgwick St. 

Hamilton, Mrs. Eva J. (Harvey H.) (1891) 

5535 Ellis Ave. 

*Hancock, Mrs. Bradford C Wheaton, 111. 

Hanks, Dr. Mary Elizabeth (1900). .27 Bellevue PI. 

*Helgesen, Miss Marie 2150 W. North Ave. 

*Hemus, Miss 869 La Salle Ave. 

*Hennig, Miss Alma 1500 La Salle Ave. 

Holmes, Mrs. Margaret Manning (1909) 

226 Wisconsin St. 

*Holzhauer, Miss Emma Rachel. .44 E. Chicago Ave. 

Huguelet, Miss Minnie Julia (1894) 

908 Chestnut St. 

Hulburd, Charles Henry (1878) 

. 1138 Lake Shore Drive 

*Hulburd, De Forest 1138 Lake Shore Drive 

Hurlbut, Mrs. Susan Rogers (Charles J.) (1873) 

1554 Dearborn Parkway 

Hurlbut, Miss Elizabeth Judson (1890) 

1554 Dearborn Parkway 

Hurlbut, Dr. Sherman Rogers (1894) 

1554 Dearborn Parkway 

Hurlbut, Harry Rogers (1894) 2451 Orchard St. 

Hutchins, Mrs. Jeannie Gould (Eugene R.) 

(1891) 5947 Kenmore Ave. 

*Jennings, Mrs 1518 La Salle Ave. 

Jennings, Miss Anna Maria (1909) 

1518 La Salle Ave. 

Jennings, Miss Ethel Sake (1909) 

1518 La Salle Ave. 

*Jennings, Miss Frances 1518 La Salle Ave. 


Jennings, Theodore Philip (1909) 

1518 La Salle Ave. 

Johnson, David Warren (1906) 

4626 N. Ashland Ave. 

Johnson, Mrs. Minnie (David W.) (1906) 

4626 N. Ashland Ave. 

Kagey, Charles Isaac (1908) 60 E. Oak St. 

Kagey, Mrs. Nannie Lyons (Charles L) (1908) 

60 E. Oak St. 

Kagey, Allan Henry (1908) 60 E. Oak St. 

Karnatz, Miss Emma Henrietta (1908) 

63 W. Huron St. 

Karnatz, Miss Dora Marie (1908) . .63 W. Huron St. 
Keeves, Mrs. Wilhelmina Karnatz (1908).... 

63 W. Huron St. 

Kelly, Leonidas Lee (1903) 6314 Normal Blvd. 

Kelsey, Rev. Henry S. (1886). . .1205 La Salle Ave. 
Kelsey, Mrs. Elizabeth Foster Fiske (Henry S.) 

(1886) 1205 La Salle Ave. 

•Kershaw, Mrs. A 3 E. Huron St. 

*Keyes, Dr. A. Belcham 1005 N. State St. 

Keyes, Mrs. Florence Martin (Belcham) (1910) 

1005 N. State St. 

*Kimball, Miss Charlotte 2912 Evanston Ave. 

•Lancashire, Joseph M Ill E. Ontario St. 

•Larson, Miss Elsie 3721 Perry St. 

•Larson, E. J. D 1725 Wilson Ave. 

Lawson, Victor F. (1879) . . .1500 Lake Shore Drive 
Lawson, Mrs. Jessie B. (Victor F.) (1864) 

1500 Lake Shore Drive 

Lawson, Donald Dunbar (1909) 862 N. State St. 

Leake, Gen. Joseph Bloomfield (1878) . .864 Cass St. 
Leake, Mrs. Mary Porter (Joseph B.) (1878) . . 

864 Cass St. 


LeMontais, Walter Baleine (1900) 

439 Wisconsin St. 

Levey, Mrs. Lucy Eeiser (Frederick) (1902).. 

422 Webster Ave. 

Levey, George (1905) 422 Webster Ave. 

*Lewis, Miss Bertha 1163 Dearborn Ave. 

Logan, Mrs. Sarah Jane Watson (Paul A.) 

(1910) 5610 Morgan St. 

Long, Alfred (1882) 3628 Eokeby St. 

Long, Mrs. Anna (Alfred) (1882). 3628 Eokeby St. 
Love, Mrs. Sarah M. (Henry M.) (1882) 

40 E. Oak St. 

Lucas, Jacob (1910) 16 W. Huron St. 

Lucas, Mrs. Julia A. (Jacob) (1910) 

16 W. Huron St. 

*MacQueen, Paul 1212 North Shore Ave. 

Mang, Mrs. Caroline (Albert G.) (1886) 

4549 Lake Ave. 

*Marrs, Miss Vesta 5051 N. Ashland Ave. 

Marston, D. D. Eev. Percival F. (1908) 

1148 La Salle Ave. 

Marston, Mrs. Maybelle H. (Percival F.) 

(1909) 1148 La Salle Ave. 

Marston, Miss Mildred M. (1909) 

1148 La Salle Ave. 

Maxwell, Mrs. Emily P. (1910) .121 W. Chestnut St. 
*Maycrof t. Miss Frances Eugenie 

1156 La Salle Ave. 

McCain, Mrs. Sarah Jane (William) (1884) 

1325 La Salle Ave. 

McCain, Miss Mary Jane (1905) .1325 La Salle Ave. 
McCain, Miss Martha Bell (1905) 

1325 La Salle Ave. 

>{ *McCain, William E 1325 La Salle Ave. 


McCoy, Mrs. Mary A. (1892)... 11 E. Walton PI. 

Mellvain, Miss Mary Agnes (1910) 

900 La Salle Ave. 

♦McMillan, William 815 N. State St. 

*Mears, Mrs. Emma L 1431 Dearborn Ave. 

*Metcalf, Miss Edith E 350 W. Locust St. 

Mints, Miss Bertha S. (1901) 68 W. Oak St. 

*Mooney, Mrs. M. S 106 E. Walton PI. 

Mooney, Miss Edith (1905) 106 E. Walton PI. 

Moore, Arthur (1910) 42 E. Walton PI. 

Moore, Mrs. Lida Hunnell (Arthur) (1910) 

42 E. Walton PI. 

Muehlhausen, Miss Beulah Elizabeth (1910).. 

1457 Melville PI. 

*Naper, Mr 24 E. Delaware PI. 

*Naper, Mrs 24 E. Delaware PI. 

Naper, Miss Mabel Agusta (1908) 

24 E. Delaware PI. 

*Needham, Mrs. Edwin M 2443 Seminary PI. 

Nelson, Miss Anna Marguerite (1896) 

1714 Wells St. 

Nelson, Victor Walfred (1903) 62.54 N. Perry St. 
*Nicholson, Miss Mable. . . .4316 N. Winchester Ave. 
Nixon, Charles Elston (1888).. 5443 Winthrop Ave. 
Nixon, Mrs. Eldora Lynde (Charles E.) (1888) 

5443 Winthrop Ave. 

*Norris, Dr. F. W Ill E. Ontario St. 

Nweeya, Paul Sarkhoshe (1909) 

20 N. Ashland Blvd. 

Oakley, Miss Carrie Isabel (1873) 

458 Fullerton Parkway 

*Oakley, William C 458 Fullerton Parkway 

*01son, Mrs. Charlotte 123 Locust St. 

*0rwig, Douglas Winnetka, 111. 


*Orwig, Sherman Wilmette, 111. 

Parkin, Mrs. Mary A. (1906) 849 LaSalle Ave. 

Parkin, Miss Daisy (1906) 849 LaSalle Ave. 

Peirce, Mrs. Melusina Fay (1907) .1014 N. State St. 

*Pendleton, Miss Edna 1233 Dearborn Ave. 

Pettee, Horace James (1907) 7121 Central St. 

*Pliipps, Frank H 206 E. Ontario St. 

Powell, Bruce Borthwick (1896) .6618 Minerva Ave. 
Price, Mrs. Ada Catharyn (Edward A., Jr.) 

(1903) 6243 Magnolia Ave. 

Eacek, Miss Henrietta Mary (1903) 

2121 Sedgwick St. 

Eawlings, William Sydney (1909) 

1240 N. State St. 

Eeed, Forrest Albert (1909).. 121 W. Chestnut St. 
Eeed, Mrs. Henrietta Maxwell (Forrest A.) . . . 

(1910) 121 W. Chestnut St. 

*Eoden, Miss Clara 642 Barry Ave. 

Eogers, Miss Ellen (1873) 

1554 Dearborn Parkway 

Eogers, Harry W. (1875). .1554 Dearborn Parkway 

Eogers, John Arthur (1900) 115 Woodbine Ave. 

Eoot, Mrs. Julia Augusta (1910) 

166 E. Superior St. 

Eoot, Miss Florence Jean (1910) 

166 E. Superior St. 

Eoseboom, John Henry (1884) . .1122 La Salle Ave. 
Eoseboom, Mrs. John H. (1896). 1122 La Salle Ave. 
Eullman, Miss Amanda L. (1883) 

1157 La Salle Ave. 

Eullman, Miss Emilie Dorothea (1883) 

1157 La Salle Ave. 

Eullman, Miss Emma Minna (1883) 

1157 La Salle Ave. 

♦Eullman, William Frederick 1157 La Salle Ave. 

Eust, Mrs. J. M. (1906) 6038 Winthrop Ave. 

Rust, Miss Sadie J. (1906) 1240 N. State St. 

Schaefer, Miss Adeline S. A. (1886) 

833 Dakin St. 

Schaefer, Miss Jeanette A. M. (1903) 

833 Dakin St. 

Seiden, Mrs. Elizabeth (Edward C.) (1906).. 

909 Rush St. 

Seiden, Miss Dorothy Clair (1905) 909 Rush St. 

Sherman, Mrs. Eda Nemett (Ralph J.) (1885) 

3424 Elaine PI. 

*Simpson, William P 815 N. State St, 

Slater, Bernard Fred (1908) 910 Chestnut PI. 

*Smith, Dr. Edwin M 861 La Salle Ave. 

Smith, Mrs. Clara (Edwin M.) (1903) 

861 La Salle Ave. 

Smith, Mrs. Emma Wood (1898). 14 E. Division St. 

*Smith, Henry Nevill 14 E. Ontario St. 

*Spears, Miss Freda 1834 N. Park Ave. 

*Stearns, Miss May 315 S. Ashland Blvd. 

*Stevens, Bert Leslie 4509 N. Paulina St. 

Stickney, Mrs. Edith Lucy (Joseph L.) (1894) 

1312 Early Ave. 

Stitt, Hugh Henry (1895) 19 W. Delaware PI. 

Storrs, Edward Payson, Jr. (1907).. 26 W. Erie St. 

*Strong, Richard L 122 W. Oak St. 

"Strong, Walter A 122 W. Oak St. 

*Taylor, Mrs. Harriet 66 W. Oak St. 

*Toynton, Mrs. Joseph 22 E. Delaware PI. 

Tucker, Lloyd B. (1900) 808 Laurel Ave. 

Tucker, Mrs. Luria F. (1900) 808 Laurel Ave. 

*Vroman, Charles Edward 25 E. Walton PI. 

Vroman, Mrs. Emma Ruth (Charles E.) (1902) 

25 E. Walton PL 

*Vroman, William Phillips 25 E. Walton PI. 

*Vroman, John Charles 25 E. Walton PL 

Wallar, Miss Grace (1910) 1240 N. State St. 

*Wanarny, Mrs. Ida C. (Lewis F.) 

848 N. State St. 

* Warren, Mrs. Celeste S 1425 Dearborn Ave. 

* Warren, Miss Mary Courtney. .1425 Dearborn Ave. 

*Wedekind, Mrs. Carrie 438 Belden Ave. 

*Wells, Miss Ethel Josephine. . .1223 N. Robey St. 

Wells, Mrs. Harriet M. (1907).. 1223 N. Eobey St. 
Wiggins, Mrs. Anna Louise (Frank H.) (1894) 

4732 N. Hermitage Ave. 

Wilson, John P. (1876) 1450 Dearborn Ave. 

Wilson, Mrs. Margaret Catherine (John P.) 

(1876) 1450 Dearborn Ave. 

Wilson, Miss Margaret Catherine (1886).... 

1450 Dearborn Ave. 

Wilson, Miss Martha (1889).. 1450 Dearborn Ave. 

Wilson, John P., Jr. (1894) 1412 Astor St. 

Winsauer, Frank Joseph (1894).. 68 E. Walton PL 
Winsauer, Louis M. (1894).. 4841 Winchester Ave. 

*Winser, Mrs. Walter J 1249 La Salle Ave. 

*Wolfle, George F 1547 Orleans St. 

Woltersdorff, Miss Louise Gertrude (1902).. 

1834 North Park Ave. 

Woltersdorff, Ralph Frederick (1895) 

925 Buena Terrace 

*Woodall, Miss Edna 58 W. Superior St. 

Wright, Mrs. Emily Huguelet (John A.) (1891) 

120 E. Delaware PL 

•Wright, Mrs, Hannah Bangs 11 W. Walton PL 


Anderson, Mrs. W. J. (1906) .. .West Pullman, 111. 
Baird, Lt. George Hathaway, U. S. A. (1893) . . 

Fort Oglethorpe, Ga. 

Baird, Mrs. Julia C. Rogers (George W.) 

(1893) 22 Waterbury Eoad, Montelair, N. J. 

Bradley, William Harrison (1864) 

(Winter) Montreal, Can. 

(Summer) Ridgefield, Conn. 

Bradley, Mrs. Carolina Lawson (William H.) 

(1879) (Winter) Montreal, Can. 

(Summer) Kidgefield, Conn. 

Balkam, Frank Blair (1895) 

189 Tompkins St., Galesburg, 111. 

Baxter, Mrs. Isabelle (Thomas Walter) (1882) 

49 Westview Place, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Benson, John (1903) 

427 St. John's Ave., Highland Park, 111. 

Benson, Mrs. Cora Handy (John) (1903) 

427 St. John's Ave., Highland Park, 111. 

Blatchford, Dr. Frank W. (1888) 

700 Oak St., Winnetka, 111. 

Bogue, Mrs. Lucy Tucker (Roswell G.) (1866) 

(Winter) Ocean Springs, Miss. 

Bogue, Miss Lucy Durfee (1886) 

. . .Hotel Lorraine, 2 E. 45th St., New York City 

Bradley, Philip Burr (1863) Des Moines, la. 

Bradley, Mrs. Cornelia Louisa (Philip B.) 

(1867) Des Moines, la. 

Brown, Miss Jeannette Swan (1901) 

407 S. 19th Ave., Maywood HI. 

Carpenter, Benjamin F. (1882) Winnetka, 111. 

Chinn, Mrs. Lillie Cornelia Linderholm (Thomas) 

(1906) 614 E. 13th St., Davenport, la. 

Clendening, Dr. Thomas Carlyle (1902) 

Grand Junction, Mich. 

Clendening, Mrs. Ida May (Thomas C.) (1902) 

Grand Junction, Mich. 

Clendening, J. Luke (1902) . .Grand Junction, Mich. 
Condon, Mrs. Anna M. (1906) 

811 E. Denny Way, Seattle, Wash. 

Douglas, Earl Graham (1909) 

233 N. Eastlake Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Durfee, Miss Charlotte Sophia (1877) 

(Winter) Ocean Springs, Miss. 

Fenger, Frederick Abilgaard (1896) 

555 Sheridan Eoad, Winnetka, 111. 

Gordon, Charles Ulysses (1887) Pembroke, 111. 

Griffin, Mrs. Mary Instance (Levi) (1908) . . 

Melrose, Wis. 

Hall, Mrs. Martha Baird (Tom) (1893) 

317 N. Fullerton Ave., Montclair, N. J. 

Handy, Miss Sara Virginia Chaille (1903) . . . 

" Anchuka, ' ' Berlin, Md. 

Harmon, Albert C. (1892) Kenosha, Wis. 

Harmon, Frederick H. (1892) Glencoe, HI. 

Holmes, Kalph Hoyt (1883) 

2219 W. 20th St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Hubbard, Henry Mascarene (1875) 

Lake Forest, 111. 

Isaacson, Mrs. Anna Instance (Oscar) 

Lakewood, Wis. 

Jones, Mrs. Susan Bates (Charles E.) (1902) 

Griswold, la. 

Keeler, Mrs. Adele Josephine (James H.) 

(1888) ... .132 North Park Ave., Oak Park, HI. 

Kellogg, Edward Washburn (1910) 

511 Turner Ave., Columbia, Mo. 

Kremin, William Fredrick (1910) 

5269 McPherson Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Kremin, Mrs. Agnes Eaton (William F.) 

(1910) 5269 McPherson Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Leebody, Mrs. Lizzie (Thomas) (1877) 

Miles City, Mont. 

Lewis, John Fellows (1894) Donora, Pa. 

Meadowcroft, Miss Fannie (1885).. La Grange, 111. 
Nixon, Mrs. Louise (Oliver W.) (1879) 

(Winter) Ocean Springs, Miss. 

Pinkham, Miss Lucy Hallett (1908) 

Strasburger, Neb. 

Preston, Mrs. Ellen H. (E. B.) (1884) 

3904 Harney St., Omaha, Neb. 

Eichardson, Mrs. Priscilla Meylen (1873).... 

Evanston, 111. 

Shankland, Walter (1887) 

17 S. Prospect St., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Upson, Mrs. Louise Tiedeman (George D.) 

(1898) 607 Washington Ave., Wilmette, 111. 

(Address Unknown) 

Blasier, Delmer M. (1894). 

Bozman, Beverly W. (1906). 

Coker, Miss Alice Bricket (1888). 

Darrow, Mrs. C. E. 

De Wolf, Charles W. (1902). 

Ebert, Mrs. Hannah (Chas. H.) (1903). 

Flaherty, John F. (1900). 

Hall, Mrs. Eva M. (1896). 

Horner, Miss Hattie M. (Mrs. Linden Yale Cowl); 

Lock, John H. (1893). 
Littlejohn, Miss Georgina (1901). 
Littlejohn, Miss Margaret Murray (1901). 
Manvel, Mrs. Anna F. (Allen M.) (1891). 
Morgan, Samuel M, (1889). 
Pettinger, Fred Allen (1892). 
Pinter, Miss Marie M. (1889). 
Kasmus, Sally (1896). 
Eees, Miss Cettie (1901). 
Eichey, Miss Agnes B. (1900). 
Eothenberg, Miss Alice Mabel (1903). 
Schemmel, Martha (1896). 
Silvers, D. Herbert (1895). 
Simpson, Mrs. Delia M. (1899). 
Smith, Mrs. Julette (1892). 
Tomajan, Don K. (1903). 
Watts, Mrs. Sallie (Carter) (wife of G. F. W.) 

Weidenbaum, Elinor (1896). 


Eesident members 189 

Absent members 47 

Members, address unknown 27 

Total 263